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AirVantage® Smart Connectivity

One Global SIM, One IoT Management Platform, One IoT Partner

AirVantage Smart Connectivity

AirVantage Smart Connectivity provides global coverage with access to 600 networks in more than 190 countries: all with One SIM. The SIM has proprietary intelligence giving you built-in resilience, detecting network outages and seamlessly switching to available networks to keep your critical assets connected. Manage your fleet on One IoT Management Platform, purpose-built with the ability to set alerts, view insights and keep track of your entire fleet in one place. All supported 24/7/365 by the Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) that monitors and ensures that our network is functioning for maximum uptime.

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Network Operations Center

Our 24/7/365 Global Network Operation Center (GNOC) proactively prevents service disruptions and works directly with the operators when network outages occur.
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Core Network​

Our Core Network features geo-redundant infrastructure with secure access to 600+ partner networks in over 190 countries to support global deployments.
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Worldwide SIM

Our patented Smart SIM applet technology dynamically identifies the best network options available in real-time with multiple routes to multiple networks in every country.
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Management Platform​

Our management platform empowers you to improve efficiency and service quality by delivering a unified view and API access to all Smart SIMs and devices.

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Managing the IoT Connectivity Challenges

An IoT Connectivity survey by Beecham Research quantified the challenges in connectivity management amongst enterprise users and product manufacturers. Of the survey respondents:
indicated that scaling IoT projects globally to be quite or very challenging
0 %
consider reducing IoT project Total Ownership Cost & Bill of Materials to be quite or very challenging
0 %
say they consider managing multiple vendors during IoT deployment to be quite or very challenging
0 %
indicated that accelerating time-to-market was a challenge
0 %

Simplify IoT implementation

Ready-to-Connect Devices

Embedded SIMs inside our modules, gateways and routers are the easiest and most secure way to access our Smart Connectivity. Ready-to-Connect devices deliver a tightly integrated, secure data stream from the device to the cloud with future flexibility and pre-provisioned devices to lower you total cost of ownership.


Out-of-the-box connectivity to mobile network operators (MNOs) is just the start when you take advantage of our Smart SIMs with eUICC support. You’re assured of operator independence, no roaming restrictions, and the best subscription based on the final operating environment of the connected machine. If your IoT implementation needs global access, these embedded SIMs are your best technology choice.

The world’s leading companies use Smart Connectivity.

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AirVantage Managed Solutions

Management Platform for AirVantage Services

Keep your global IoT connectivity deployments under control through a single IoT connectivity platform.

Device Management

Access 600+ Partner Networks in Over 190 Countries

AirVantage Smart Connectivity delivers the best possible network coverage and eliminates local coverage gaps with multi-network connectivity anywhere in the world. Our 24/7/365 global network operation center proactively prevents service disruptions to keep machines and assets connected.

When we need to do troubleshoot, it is important that we can examine every element of the operation and to be able to know their working status, the data consumption of all the SIM cards. We can do these very easily on the AirVantage portal.

Jean-Marie Debbasch
CEO and Founder, Connected Cycle

BFMTV. Enterprises d’avenir. 

My name is Jean-Marie Debbasch, I am the founder of Connected Cycle. We make bicycles intelligent at Connected Cycle. Sierra Wireless is one of the links of the long chain that allows this service to be available. Sierra Wireless’ service is materialized by this SIM card that is then inserted in the box. The device is then plugged in the bike, which transmits the bike data to the platform. The platform then converts that data into information that is displayed in the web or mobile application. The Connected Cycle application is used by our professional clients to monitor the use of the bikes, know their location in case of theft for example, and also for knowing how many kilometers they rode, when to do maintenance, to make their daily operations as efficient as possible. Sierra played an important role in the development of Connected Cycle. Little by little, they supported the growth of the company. Today, our presence is divided half in Europe and half in North America. On a day-to-day basis, the Sierra Wireless service is not just a SIM card that brings us connectivity but also a portal called AirVantage, that allows us to supervise the use of the SIM cards. Above all, when we need to do troubleshoot, for example, it is important that we can examine every element of the operation and to be able to know their working status, the data consumption of all the SIM cards. We can do these very easily on the AirVantage portal.  

This case study illustrates well how we support our many clients around the world. No matter if you provide mobility, healthcare, energy or environmental solutions, we can help you in all your developments with our global SIM and connectivity management platform. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

An IoT SIM is not any different than the SIM one finds in smartphones, or any other device used to connect to cellular networks.
Some are designed to be more rugged than standard SIMs, so they can handle the difficult environmental conditions many IoT devices used for industrial and commercial applications experience. But from a physical and technological standpoint, the same types of SIMs used for IoT devices can be used in smartphones.

While most Global SIMs can switch between different networks, only a few are “smart” – able to dynamically identify the best network to use in a particular area, providing you with a stronger, more reliable connection by finding multiple routes to multiple networks in real-time. 

What really makes an IoT SIM different than a smartphone SIM is not whether it is global, rugged, or embedded – it is whether it is used with a cellular IoT connectivity service. 

You would not want a smartphone SIM with a connectivity service that offers very low or no 4G LTE or 5G data transmission capabilities, data speeds too slow to watch videos or conduct video calls and the other capabilities you need to take advantage of a smartphone’s features. In the same way, you don’t want an IoT SIM with a connectivity service that does not offer you the capabilities you need to maximize the value of your IoT devices and its IoT applications.

There are a wide variety of different IoT devices and applications, however, and depending on the use case, the owners of these devices will want different IoT connectivity capabilities. Generally, companies want to deploy IoT applications over a wide area or many countries, either now or in the future. In addition, most of these companies are deploying IoT applications that are business-critical, in which losing connectivity to an IoT device in or attached to a smart meter, shipping container, high-value piece of construction equipment or other asset can have serious financial consequences. 

This is why most IoT connectivity service providers offer global or regional coverage from multiple MNOs in a region or in countries around the world. To offer this type of coverage, these providers contract with multiple MNOs in a specific region (North America, for example) or with hundreds of MNOs around the world. This allows them to provide connectivity even if an IoT device can connect to its primary MNO in a country, or if the IoT device moves to another country where the MNO does not provide service. 

Some IoT devices have embedded SIMs (eSIMs) – SIMs that are embedded into the device during the manufacturing process. While this prevents a device’s owner from replacing the SIM with a new one, it makes it easier to deploy the IoT device, as no SIM needs to be installed when it is in the field.
eSIMs are not unique to IoT devices – smartphones can also have eSIMs. 

Note that, because they can’t be removed, most eSIMs are Global SIMs.This means they can either be manually or automatically configured to connect to different MNO networks than the one they are first assigned to.

AirVantage® Smart Connectivity has a patented embedded agent designed specifically for enabling cellular IoT connectivity, anywhere in the world. To ensure IoT devices can connect whenever and wherever they need to, AirVantage® Smart Connectivity is pre-loaded with a unique SIM profile enabling it to access multiple mobile network operator alliances. This provides access to more networks than any single operator can provide. Multi-operator IoT connectivity means you and your IoT devices are not restricted to a single roaming alliance. Mobile IoT devices have access to more networks in more locations and are connected more often as they move.

Instead of using a limited, predefined list of roaming networks, network selection is based on the best available network and data connection. AirVantage® Smart Connectivity actively monitors data connections, re-establishing connectivity when required. AirVantage® Smart Connectivity includes a patented agent that dynamically and autonomously selects the most pertinent network, according to the device’s operational logic. There is no list of preferred networks; the agent runs a unique procedure for network scanning and selection, ensuring the best available network is used, regardless of location and time. Options with the scanning configuration make it easy to meet the specific needs of a deployment.

The Smart SIM offers resilient global connectivity for always on service that can be relied upon to find the best data-capable connection for continuous operation. The result is maximum coverage and performance with ultimate flexibility.

It offers Maximum Uptime to prevent service disruptions proactively with our 24/7/365 global network operations center’s continuous monitoring, selecting the best network in any given location so IoT devices can stay online 24/7.

It also offers reduced operational costs though optimized deployments with a single management platform and one point of accountability.

Need to scale globally? We make is seamless with a single Smart SIM accessing 600+ partner networks in 190+ countries across LTE and LPWA networks.

An IoT SIM can be a Global SIM that is tied to a specific mobile network operator (MNO), and can connect to cellular networks owned and operated by multiple MNOs in the same country, or different countries. 

Some Global SIMs, which are often based on the embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) standard, can automatically detect and connect to another network if the IoT device it is installed in moves and is not able to connect to its primary MNO in a country or region, or if taken out of this country or region into a location where this primary MNO does not provide coverage. 

However, while a Global SIM enables an IoT device to connect to cellular networks from multiple MNOs, unless the device’s owner has contracted for connectivity from a MNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that can provide access to networks other than its primary network, the device will not be able to connect to them. 

Global SIMs are not unique IoT devices. What really differentiates an IoT SIM from any other SIM is that rather than being used to provide access to a connectivity service designed to be used by smartphones, it provides access to an IoT connectivity service designed to be used by IoT devices.

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