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Are Your IoT Devices Secure?

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Why should you be concerned about IoT device security?

IoT device security is complicated to implement and constantly changing with new vulnerabilities emerging every day. As the number of connected devices increases and the connections between devices, software, networks, and the cloud become more complex, so does the challenge of maintaining robust IoT. Luckily, there are actionable steps you can take to protect IoT devices, ensure IoT data security, and minimize cyber risks. We take an end-to-end approach, from device to network to the cloud, to provide you with the most secure IoT cybersecurity solutions available in the market.

5G brings new security concerns that can be mitigated

Geopolitical restrictions can affect your past, present, and future IoT implementations

The increase in IoT devices allows more surface area for cyber attacks

There are many entry points for cyber attacks along the IoT stack that must be secured

Companies face an IoT skill gap to ensure IoT projects are fully secure

Want to know what security issues to look for?

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What Will Happen to IoT Security in the Future?

Read about the three predictions for IoT security developments from our in-house security expert.

  • Security as a service rapidly expands into the IoT market
  • Companies will demand that IoT solution providers establish their security bona fides
  • A return to IoT security basics

How Secure Is Your Mobile Router?

Adding network connectivity to a fleet using in-vehicle wireless routers introduces a new set of possible security risks. Vehicle Area Networks (VANs) are more dynamic with more remote connection points in the field, and in certain ways, they are harder to manage than fixed networks used in the enterprise. Here’s how to make sure they are properly secured.


Want to know how we mitigate those security issues?

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Risky Business: Strategies for Securing IoT Endpoints

Rapid expansion means the need for security has never been greater, yet security professionals and those tasked with designing, manufacturing, and deploying IoT endpoints don’t always know where to start. That’s why we developed this introductory guide.
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Security Podcasts for Cellular Router Deployments

In these podcasts, we talk about secure network design, Infosec security management and defense-in-depth with AirLink® security.
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Your Partner in IoT Security

We use a holistic approach to security, considering multiple security layers including gateway, network, module, and connectivity layers. This approach provides full system protection, from device to network to cloud.
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Why We are Experts in Helping You Protect Your IoT Data

With an almost 30 years of expertise, a securely integrated device-to-cloud platform, and the right partners to simplify your IoT journey. With proven experience in utilities, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, transport and logistics, and public safety where secure communication is paramount, we help IoT service providers implement best practices and realize a more secure future in the connected world. Here’s how we do it:

Our ongoing work with OEMs and carriers enables us to implement best practices with the latest technologies. Close partner relationships secure deployments throughout the development process.

Work with a Trusted Partner for Long-Term Success

Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) has been a thought leader in security for almost 30 years. Our differentiated solutions provide an end-to-end security approach to provide the most secure IoT and router solutions in the market. Get the support needed for your IoT projects from our knowledgeable and experienced team of system and network engineers.

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Learn more about IoT Security built-in to our solutions.

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