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Smart City IoT Solutions

Building Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it possible to make cities greener, safer and more efficient. By connecting devices, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere in a city, governments and their partners can reduce energy and water consumption, keep people moving efficiently, and improve safety and quality of life.

In smart cities, many different stakeholders must work together to provide the best technology solutions. Network operators, managed service providers, system integrators and technology providers all have a role to play in working with governments to enable smart city solutions. The key is building these solutions on an open, standards-based communications platform that can be continually re-used and re-imagined for new services, insights, and applications.

With its proven reliability, simple deployment and ubiquitous reach, cellular is an ideal technology to connect IoT applications. And Semtech offers an industry-leading portfolio of integrated cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to make the smart city come alive. From connected street lighting to intelligent public safety and transit solutions, to smart energy and water management, we provide the complete solution—wireless modules and gateways, architecture, cloud platform, managed connectivity services and more. Technologies like these allow cities to develop a unified IoT infrastructure to support a full range of smart city solutions, bring them to market faster, and transform service models and experiences for citizens.


Smart Cities in Action

Semtech is working with city governments, large system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe to deliver a wide range of smart city solutions.
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Keeping People Moving Efficiently

  • Connecting trains, buses and vehicle fleets helps cities improve safety and efficiency, and deliver better services.
  • Wireless parking solutions reduce traffic congestion in busy areas by making it easier for drivers to find parking, and increase city revenues by making it easier to collect fees
  • Connected waste management helps cities enhance efficiency in waste collection and save money, time and CO2 emissions.
  • Car-sharing and ride-sharing services reduce city traffic and carbon emissions, and allow citizens to get where they’re going without the cost and hassle of owning a car in the city.

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Making Cities Smarter and Safer

  • Connected emergency vehicles help responders get help to citizens faster, and put state-of-the-art wireless public safety applications at their fingertips.
  • Connected streetlights let cities remotely adjust lighting to make streets safer, while dramatically reducing power consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Video surveillance offers cities deeper insight into vehicle and pedestrian traffic and helps deter crime.

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Using Resources More Efficiently

  • Wireless smart grid solutions enable cities and energy providers to create a much more efficient distribution network and reduce power consumption.
  • Connected power and gas meters provide energy consumption visibility all the way from the source to homes and businesses to optimize distribution. Connected water meters reduce leaks and waste.
  • Cities are deploying connected charging stations that make it easier for citizens to use electric vehicles—cutting carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency.

Technology Overview

Semtech enables all of these smart city IoT capabilities—and many others—with our intelligent wireless M2M solutions. We provide future-proof solutions that allow smart city services to be designed and launched faster, and deployed and maintained more efficiently across communities.

We enable smart city applications and systems that are standards-based and interoperable. With open communication links between systems to collect and reuse data from anywhere, cities gain deeper analytical insights to continually add and improve services. And we provide strong wireless security from the device to the cloud to protect against security threats.

Our integrated device-to-cloud IoT solutions for smart cities include:
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Embedded Solutions

Our embedded wireless modules and programmable modems are simple to integrate, easy to program, secure, and scalable from 2G to 4G. They are supported by easy-to-use development platforms and our professional services to get solutions to market faster and reduce total product costs. Embedded modules feature built-in application processors, modems, and GNSS to reduce system complexity and save board space. And we provide open-source Linux-based platforms such as Legato®, which simplify and accelerate the development of IoT applications for Smart Cities.

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Networking Solutions: Routers and Gateways

We offer a range of intelligent gateways, management tools and services for mission-critical deployments. We provide persistent connectivity, location-based services, and remote monitoring to increase productivity and improve customer service.

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Cloud and Connectivity Services

Our cloud services provide the simplest and most scalable way to securely store, retrieve, analyze and integrate data to build new insights and value for the smart city.

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