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Industrial IoT: Be at the Forefront of the Industry 4.0 Revolution​


IIoT Use Cases

Unlock Machine Data to Digitally Transform Your Business

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is enabling a widening array of IIoT use cases and unlocking new benefits. From remote monitoring and tracking to predictive maintenance and “as a service” business models, the IIoT offers value propositions to differentiate your products, services and improve your business outcomes. Here’s how these benefits are driving industry shifts:

OT-IT Convergence: Give Your IIoT Application an Intelligent “Edge”

One of the biggest constraints in any IIoT project is the lack of interoperability between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT).

With considerable compute, processing and connectivity capabilities, the intelligent edge forms a critical link between OT and IT systems. By virtue of being deployed closer to where industrial assets operate, the edge offers opportunities to eliminate latency, reduce connectivity costs and bring computing power closer to industrial assets.
Card Report Infrastructure as a Service IaaS Bridging the ITOT Gap in Your IIoT Project
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Don’t be Stuck at the Proof of Concept (POC) Stage

According to IoT Now, 75% of Industrial IoT (IIoT) projects fail at the pilot stage. There are a range of factors to blame: the lack of interoperability between hardware and software; the complexities involved in building an IIoT infrastructure from scratch; operational difficulties associated with managing relationships with multiple vendors and carriers.

New technologies enable you to abstract away the complexity of IIoT transformation, scale and bring your IIoT application to a global market at a fraction of the time.

Simplify and Scale Your Industrial IoT Transformation

Whether you want an all-in-one Industrial IoT solution or build your own solution, we offer a range of choices to bring your Industrial IoT application to market.

Use our all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution, to connect your industrial assets to the cloud. Octave integrates all the components of your Industrial IoT infrastructure into one solution so you no longer have to build your IIoT application from scratch.

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Maximize the ROI of Your Industrial IoT Project

Forrester Research conducted a cost-benefit analysis of IIoT projects undertaken by two industrial companies; in the course of its analysis, it found that these companies stood to gain an 88% ROI on their IIoT project on average and were able to accelerate their IIoT application’s time-to-market by 9 months. Both these companies utilized a similar approach to building and scaling their IIoT applications. You can read Forrester’s case study to learn more about this radical new approach that is rewriting the IIoT playbook.


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