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AirLink® New-Gen Solutions

Powered by AirLink OS to Future Proof Your Connectivity

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You’re Not Just Connected, You’re Future-Proofed

AirLink new routers are powered by AirLink® OS — an advanced multi-network router operating system that has been built from the ground up to meet the complex connectivity and routing needs of modern applications and services.

AirLink OS combines the latest in technology, seamlessly integrating with your new AirLink routers to deliver faster, more reliable, flexible and secure performance.

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Cognitive Wireless

AirLink new-gen solutions empower you with complete control over your data’s journey through the network. Our patented cognitive wireless technology enables you to set detailed rules to direct traffic to the most optimal LAN or WAN networks — or split traffic between networks — depending on the type of data you are transmitting, changes in the network or where the routers are.

For instance, you can configure your routers to smoothly transition from your Wi-Fi depot network to the cellular network as soon as your vehicle is leaving the depot. This way, you avoid waiting until your signal has weakened before switching networks.

Edge Computing

AirLink new-gen routers support Open Container Initiative (OCI) compatible containers.* Support of a container registry allows you to remotely deploy and manage your containerized applications in an isolated environment that does not impact the router’s core functions.

You can rely on the robust Docker ecosystem to easily create and update containerized applications to support your new applications, services or custom integrations, while reducing the need for external industrial PCs.

*Beta program. With active AirLink service subscription

Edge Computing
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Software-defined Routing Framework

With modern and flexible routing capabilities, you can easily define custom data routing rules, allowing you to better integrate data from your AirLink routers into your existing networks. You can also enhance security by restricting or otherwise directing traffic from and to the routers.

For example, you can create routing rules to link together different Local Area Network (LAN) segments as needed or restrict to a connected device’s traffic to a particular LAN or WAN interface.

All of that can be done remotely through the AirLink Management Service (ALMS) platform.

Multi-APN, Full IPv6 and IPv4 Support

With multi-APN, you can improve your network security and/or efficiency by segregating your traffic on multiple Access Point Names (APNs) using a single SIM card (where supported by their wireless network operator). You can for example route your critical data through a private connection while routing Internet-designated data traffic through a public APN.

With support for both IPv4 and IPv6, the most recent version of the Internet protocol, you can easily and inexpensively set up static IP addresses for your routers.

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Intuitive and Responsive Interface

In new-gen routers, the operating system and the management platform (ALMS) are tightly integrated providing a single intuitive interface with live system data for configuring and managing your routers, whether you are connecting directly to the router or through ALMS.

Changes in configuration and other updates are implemented almost instantly, eliminating the need to reboot the router. This remote management capability significantly reduces your router administration time and costs, enabling efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.

Compatible Routers

All AirLink new-generation routers are powered by AirLink® OS.


Highest performance multi-network 5G/ Wi-Fi 6 router


High performance multi-network 5G /Wi-Fi 6 router


World's smallest rugged 5G router*
*Based on internal study of comparable IP64 rugged routers January 2024


World's most power-efficient rugged 4G LTE-A router*
*Based on internal study of comparable routers November 2023

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